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Sheila Alice: Dragon of Yin by Bluebarnowl Sheila Alice: Dragon of Yin by Bluebarnowl
Made originally by purpleorchid-8863.deviantart.c…

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Her eldest sister - Alexis:…

His eldest brother - Richard:…

Her older sister - Lorelei:…

And her twin brother - Boomer:…

Full Name: Sheila Tristen Alice
Age: 15 (at 8:48 pm).
Nationality/Birthplace: Brisbane, Australia.
Gender: Female.
Gender Role/Nicknames: The Thinker; the Teacher's Pet; Athena; Shy-Girl; Bookworm; Miss. Knows-it-all; the Quiet One; the Extreme Introvert.
Emotional qualities: Sheila is excellent at hiding her emotions when she wants to. She's calm, collective, and wise. She prefers to be left alone, but that doesn't mean that she wants to be alone. She is very imaginative, as she created songs and stories of her family and other things while growing up.
Emotional flaws: Sheila is EXTREMELY socially awkward when she is in a weird place with strangers. She gets embarrased by even the smallest sign of public affection. She would rather interact with books and animals instead of people. She can have occasional panic attacks.
Relationship Status: Single.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit.
Birthday: November 17.
Death day: N/A

Species: Human.
Ethnicity: Australian
Dominant Descendants: N/A.
Descendants: N/A.
Native Language: Australian/English.
Langauges spoken: Aborigine, Portugese, Japanese, Hindu, Chinese, and English.
Blood Type: O-
Preferred Hand: Left handed.
Height: 5"9
Weight: 135 lbs.
Facial type: Heart-shaped.
Physical Description: Petite; dainty; light-weight. Thin, lithe. Hourglass shape, a little *ahem* busty for her age. Wears an Australian hat.
Physical Qualities: She is small so she can fit into cramped spaces. She has strong legs so she can run and not get tired for a while. 
Physical flaws: She isn't very strong in her upper body. She mostly uses her legs and her brain to replace that.
Eye Color/Shape: Solid sapphire blue/Almond-round.
Hair Color/Style: Blond with white stripe on her left side/Fishtail braid with white stripe in its separate braid. 


Affiliation: ??????? (She's a little confused right now. She's still trying to get over the fact that she's supposed to be fighting to save the world from all of these villians with magical artifacts). 

Element: Dragon of Yin.

Speed - She is fast when she wants to be. Her speed comes from her powers: About My XS OC. Part 2 (This'll explain everything). 
Intellect - Sheila is the smartest in her family, possibly the whole Eastern part of Australia. She read so many books when she was growing up and her hunger for more knowledge grows everyday. 
Cunning - Sheila can form a plan within minutes. Her plans often include having others use their exact skills, rather than them using what they all know. Her plans normally work, unless something very unlikely or unexpected happens. 
Stealth - Her form is mostly unnoticeable, she is stealthy and can appear right behind you, and you wouldn't hear any footsteps. She wears dark colors so that her eyes won't hurt.
Energy Balance (With the Dragon of Yang) - With her powers mixed with the Dragon of Yang's powers, can balance the earth wholy. They can also defy the laws of nature, physics, and well, again it's quite hard to explain I'll probably make ANOTHER journal explaining it. 
Enhanced senses - Her hearing, eyesight, and touch are overdeveloped due to a mild case of Autism. Her eyes hurt from looking at bright colors and she doesn't like loud noises.

Literature, her family, her twin brother, knowledge, darkness, dark colors, soft noises, music (any kind, it really depends on the song), history, Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids, Chase Young (she was impressed with his powers, intellect, strength, and well, everything else about him), being alone, nightime, the moon, the sound of a conch shell being blown into (I'll explain later), strong scents, cooking, animals, reading, blueberry brioche, quiet, learning, smart guys, Marvel movies and comics, and so many books.

Being called a Teacher's Pet, stupidity, arrogance, being confused, social interraction, social confrontations, public humiliation, being shown affection in public, brainless girls, guys who don't know when to take a hint, attention, loud noises, having to talk about controversial matters (don't talk about sex when she's around), radical feminists. 

Fun Facts:

- Sheila can sing very well, but due to her fear of social interraction, she's too terrified to even go to the stage. But she's a huge fan of the Vocaloids.
- Sheila has a mild dose of Autism. She won't make eye contact, pulls her hat over her face to hide her embarrasment, and can see stuff that others don't see.
- Has chronic panic attacks when something bad is going on, or someone she loves is in bad health. 
- Sheila has read so many books, that she needs to read more. She'll read a dictionary if she has to. This is why she speaks so many languages very fluently. 
- Her Pop is as rich as f*cking sh*t, man! He was a business tycoon and her mum was a lawyer. But now her new step-mum is a real estate agent for the rich and famous! This is what her mansion looks like:… Prepare to sh*t your own pants!
- Sheila doesn't like other girls. She believes they rely too much on their emotions when they should be using their brains. She found it easier be friends with guys because she felt equal amongst them and could prove her superiority through her intellect, not through her looks. (So, not many feminists would be willing to be friends with a girl who doesn't like being around other girls. But her sisters don't count!)
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