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For once, perverts are useful!
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Stolen from xXJustForFanFicsXx 

Birthplace: America

Home: America (Born and raised; Floridian)

Traits in Common with...

- 'MURICA! (Fuck yeah!) Day94 - FUR 'MURICA 

- I'm lazySloth 

- I have a schedule that I like to keep
- Not good at expressing emotions.Broken Fighting Dome (Secret Admirer)
- I'm into....a lot of weird stuff.Locked Box - Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Icon GIF 

- Can be easily irritated 
- I like foods that I'm accustomed with.

- Depending on the time of day, I could go either way 7sins :lust: 

- My pride is my leading emotion.
- I prefer the old days where ladies were ladies and men were gentleman 

- Straight up otaku
- I'm silent and stealthy (even without trying) Smoky Disappearance 
- I have manga lining the walls
- You'll never guess my emotions when looking at my face 

- Music lovers (I love all music except for heavy metal and rap (very few exceptions)). 

Russia & Belarus
- Intimidating and feared (when I'm pissed off)

I tag TomboyJessie13 Alfredosauce50 and LifeLikeFiona 


Bluebarnowl's Profile Picture
I Love Owls!
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I love animals, barn owls especially.

I'm extremely shy around people, and I'm usually mellow and calm, unless you catch me on a bad day.

I'm not very talkative at first, but once I loosen up, it's like Speedy Gonzales on steroids.

I truly am nice, but for a girl I'm not that in touch with my emotions.

I'm not the best artist in the world, I'm one of those people who get lucky when they doodle it comes out great, but when I actually TRY it comes out fat and disfigured.
So I stick with writing most of the time.

I'm an egalitarian.

I'm also a Marvel girl. DC SUCKS ASS!

I have great stories on my other profile on so please check that out. (The username is the same).

And I'm a sucker for big sparkly eyes.

Known Phrases/Responses:

- In an impossible situation that makes no sense in trying to figure out = Fuck this shit, I'm out!
- Angry and someone tries to mess with me = You must be very suicidal to mess with me right now.
- When someone messes with my stuff = Someone's going to die tonight.
- Someone asks me where I got something = I know a guy; he doesn't ask questions and neither do I.
- When some idiot says he dreams of dating me = Don't have impossible dreams.
- Someone asks "When will you stop playing hard to get?" = "Who says I'm playing?"or "When will you stop playing hard to get rid of?"
- If I go ballistic for no reason (usually when I'm on my period) = Why the fucking hell are you talking to me?! I have no tolerance for your bullshit right now! I'm surrounded by bitches and bastards! I'm surrounded by complete morons 24/7! No, no, no! I will not calm down! (Person apologizes) No, don't be sorry! Think for a fucking second!
- After I'm done ranting = (Laughing) Wow, I just went ballistic for, like, no reason. Did I make anyone cry?
- When one of my archenemies tries to outsmart me and fails = I’m not saying your stupid, I’m just saying you have bad luck when it comes to thinking.
- Some moron thinks he can be a jackass and it will effect me =Thank you for your brilliant portrayal of a self centered asshole in the movie of my life.
- Anyone tries to out sass me and fails = If you're gonna hit the queen, you'd better kill the queen.…

-------♥♥------ Put This
----♥♥-♥♥---- Ribbon
---♥♥---♥♥--- On Your
---♥♥---♥♥--- Page If
---♥♥---♥♥--- You're
----♥♥-♥♥---- Against
------♥♥♥------ Animal
----♥♥-♥♥---- Abuse.
---♥♥---♥♥--- It Shows You Care


Bluebarnowl has started a donation pool!
67 / 4,000
Just for anyone who feels like being generous at the moment, or just want to donate something.

I just put down a random number, I really don't care how rich I am, but I do need points. Please donate! I need an operation TTOTT!


Please have a heart.

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How many waifus do you have? (There is no shame in your answers...probably) 

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